Partner Agents

Recommending sale by auction is a big opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition as well as a route to extra income.

We offer you a unique partnership opportunity which will help generate income without investing any cash or time. It offers an easy way to expand your services and provides key benefits to both you and your clients.

Key Benefits to your clients

  • Quick completion with no re-negotiation
  • Achieve the best price for difficult to sell properties
  • High profile marketing, open house viewing and competitive bidding
  • Selling opportunities prior, during or after auction– always under auction rules
  • National Auction Room with national strength – we sell property nationally through our London Auction room where they invariably achieve higher prices

Key Benefits to you

  • New route to market delivering an additional income stream
  • No outlay required from you – all marketing, advertising and auction venue costs will be borne by National Property Auctions
  • Training for your staff
  • Jointly branded literature explaining both selling and buying at auction
  • Hyperlinks to your website
Our proposal essentially enables your agency to offer an auction service and to generate extra income without the added costs of running the auction yourself. It also helps ensure that you never have to walk away from an instruction again. Many properties that you would normally turn away as unsellable by Private Treaty are perfect for Auction. Examples of such properties include Tenanted Property, Commercial, Change of Use, Mixed Use, Low value lots (Garages, Amenity Land), Development sites with our without planning or simply where your client requires a quick sale.

We’d be delighted to discuss this with you further- call on 0203 793 4755.